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Each Licensee gets The Academy's instructional materials, operational materials, and marketing materials to create excellent schools.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is The Academy's ideal Licensee Candidate?
A: The Academy looks for Licensee Candidates who are passionate about first class English language instruction, who have a strong sense of urgency, who are entrepreneurs, who have a plan to develop superior English language schools nationwide across their home country, who are honest, and who can begin the process of school development immediately. There are other traits and characteristics that The Academy seeks in its Licensee Candidates, but these are the main non-negotiable qualities.

Q: How long does the Licensing process take through The Academy?
A: The Licensing process here at The Academy can take just two weeks from start to finish.

Q: Is the Licensing Agreement exclusive to my entire country?
A: Yes! Each Academy Licensing Agreement covers the Licensee's entire home country and it is exclusive to the Licensee.

Q: Does The Academy offer Licenses inside the United States?
A: The Academy offers Licenses inside the United States by county. Internationally, The Academy offers Licenses for The Academy's materials to qualified Candidates by country.

Q: How many English language courses does The Academy have?
A: Actually, The Academy provides over 100 sets of course materials to each Licensee for use in the host country's English language schools. Instruction is provided to professionals as well as to individuals who just want to learn the English language for pleasure or future travel, improve their writing skills, learn the art of cursive writing, develop and improve literacy, or prepare for college study in the United States plus The Academy provides instructional materials for individuals in a wide range of avocations. We have specialty courses for elementary school students, junior and senior high school students, adults, and individuals in many fields of work.

Q: What range of courses are offered by The Academy?
A: The Academy has a very wide range of courses that now number over 100. Each course has been professionally written and designed for maximized learning of the presented subject matter. These courses include English [ESL] language courses for adults, English [ESL] language courses for junior and senior high school students, writing skills courses, avocation-specific English language courses, cursive writing courses, fully illustrated courses for youngsters, fully illustrated courses for junior and high school students and adults, and literacy courses. There is literally a course (or more) for everyone here at The Academy. The Academy's English language courses range from A-B-C all the way up to extraordinary writing skills.

Q: What materials do I receive as a Licensee?
A: The Academy provides each Licensee with all of its instructional materials (including curriculums, text/work books, audio recordings, and over 700 color flash cards), operational materials, and marketing materials so that the Licensee can create superior English language schools in every respect.

Q: Who translates operational and promotional material that the Licensee wants translated from English to the home country's language?
A: The Licensee is solely responsible for all translation, the accuracy of the translation, and the cost of the translation. Instructional materials require no translation.

Q: What revenue streams are available to The Academy's Licensees?
A: The Academy allows the Licensee to have multiple revenue streams for and from its English language schools. These revenue streams include tuition, books, audio recordings, curriculums, flash cards, and instructor certification. The Licensee prints and binds text/work books and curriculums and duplicates audio recordings locally for distribution to the Licensee's Academy schools.

Q: Does the Licensee set its own tuition and fees for materials?
A: Yes, the Licensee sets its own tuition and fees for materials.

Q: How many courses are illustrated?
A: The Academy has two three-year series of English language courses that are illustrated. This consists of eighteen sets of illustrated materials. One course series is for elementary school students, and the second course series is for junior and senior high school students and adults who prefer to learn English with illustrated materials. Additionally, there are over 700 flash cards to support these illustrated courses.

Q: How much orientation time do you devote to each Licensee?
A: The Academy provides each Licensee one full day of orientation following Licensing Agreement signing.

Q: How many Licensed Academy units are planned across the world?
A: The Academy plans to have over 2,000 individual Academy units in operation across the world through this International Licensing Program.

Q: How long is the Licensing Agreement valid?
A: The Licensing Agreement is valid for a period of ten years, and it is renewable for ten-year periods after that.

Q: What is "Decision Day?"
A: Decision Day is the day selected by the Licensor to meet with the Licensee Candidate, at which time personal meetings occur between the Licensor's staff and the Licensee Candidate. The Licensor reviews the Licensing Agreement in detail as well as all of the Licensed materials, and the Licensee Candidate relates plans to own and operate Academy units within the desired exclusive country. "Decision Day" is when the Licensor and Licensee Candidate decide whether each is a proper fit for the other. Decision Day is conducted in the Phoenix, Arizona USA metropolitan area.

Q: When does Licensee orientation occur?
A: Licensee orientation occurs right after Decision Day. A full day is devoted to orientation to all of the materials (instructional, operational, and marketing).

Quick Facts About The Academy
  • The Academy began offering Licenses worldwide on March 1, 2019.
  • Territories are exclusive.
  • Each country is exclusive to the designated Licensee.
  • Internationally-accepted country boundary lines are Licensing Agreement boundaries.
  • The Academy plans to award Licenses in 92 countries across the world in 2019-2020.
  • The Academy does not plan to operate "company" units, instead devoting all of its resources and talent to its Licensees worldwide.
  • More than 100 professional-grade courses of instruction are offered through each Academy unit. Each Academy unit sets its own schedule, and that unit should offer each course of instruction at a minimum quarterly. Many courses are designed to be offered more frequently than quarterly.
  • Over 100 proprietary text/work books written by professional teachers who are experts in their respective fields and experts in avocations accompany courses presented by The Academy. All course materials (text/work books, curriculums, and audio recordings) are perfectly in sync with one another.
  • Licensing Fee per country varies by country and is set based upon population. Licensing Fees are non-negotiable and are due in full at the time of Licensure on Decision Day.
  • The recurring fee per student/book/curriculum is $38 (due monthly).
  • Licensees participate in a one-day orientation program immediately following Licensure.
  • Licensees can train and certify Instructors using the corporate Instructor Training Program materials.

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